Walair B.V. manufacturer of waste separation systems

led by Walter Nihot.

Walair air separators and waste separation systems are widely known as the best in the recycling industry. The driving force behind Walair is Walter Nihot, a known name in the recycling industry.
Walair can help you with various waste separation issues
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Walter Nihot

Walter Nihot has over 40 years of experience in building air separation systems for the recycling industry and extraction systems for the paper industry. After selling his family company in the year 2000 Walter Nihot started his own company Walair B.V. In his company he designs, produces and assembles the air systems.

Recycling Industry

Walair builds air separation systems worldwide for e.g;  construction and demolition waste, industrial waste, garbage, rubble, compost, glass etc etc. In most installations the applied techniques are carried out with drum and air separators. The production take place by Holtrop and Jansma in Dokkum

Paper Industry

Walair produces extraction systems for paperwaste at binderies, printeries and cardboard companies.
By using air, the paper and carton waste is transported from the machines to a container, presscontainer, or baler. The extracted air is cleaned by means of a dustfilter and returned into the production.

Our Products

Walair is a leading supplier in the field of Air Separation Systems.

Air separator

The Walair Air separator is suitable to split or separate a waste stream in a recycling installation in a heavy and a light fraction stream.

Drum separator

The Drum Separators from Walair are used in the recyclingindustrie to split/separated a waste flow in 2 waste streams. A heavy and a light fraction.

3-way Drum separator

The Walair 3-way Drum-separator is separating in the recycling industrie one waste stream in 3 waste streams, a heavy, middle and light fraction. For more information call or mall Walter Nihot

Our Applications

Applications for the Walair Air Separators

CDI waste handling

For CDI waste Walair produces air separation systems for stone, wood, paper and plastic.

Household waste (MSW)

For MSW waste the Walair separation systems separate heavy fraction, 3d fraction and paper and plastic (flat parts).

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

To protect a secondary shredder against heavy parts in a RDF fraction  Walair produces a line of drum separators till a maximum of 50t/h.

Photo and Video

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Optical sorters

In this photo and video album we show the combination of a Walair drum separators with optical sorters result a optimal separation and a higher capacity .

Animation CDI installation

In this animation video of a recently made installation, we show the working of the Walair drum separators in a CDI waste handling system.  Capacity 75 ton/h with a cubic weight of 250 kg/m3.

Production Walair

Impression of the Walair production in the city of Dokkum in the north of Holland. Make a tour around the offices, production area and the warehouse.

Latest news

Take a look at the latest Walair news

Feeding optical sorter

Feeding the sortersWe notice that many of our customers do not know that you can optimally feed one or two optical sorters with a Walair drum separator.The operation of the optical sorter depends on a good dosage and a good distribution on the feeding belt. The most...

New MSW separator

New adjustment for the MSW Drum Separator Especially for the separation of MSW waste, Walair adjusted his well known 3-way drum separator. Because the fraction size of the MSW waste is changing, the MSW waste is separated in the original size more regularly and the...

Drum air separator

Walair Drum air Separator At places where it is not possible to place a Walair 3-way drum separator due to lack of space, Walair will install a drum air separator. The air drum separator divides a waste stream into three substreams, heavy, middle and light. A drum air...