Wood waste recyling

For wood recycling installations Walair delivers separation systems waste which consists of paper, plastic and foils out of a shredded wood waste fraction. For this purpose Walair uses the Walair air and drum separators. For very polluted woodwaste Walair uses the 3-way drum separator. The 3-way separator first removes the heavy fraction, like glass, metals, stone, etc. etc. At the second separator the wood is separated from the light flat fraction, like paper, plastic and foils. In the wood fraction rest waste fraction can still be found. This rest waste fraction can be removed by hand or with an optical sorter. Seaparation systems haven been improved more and more lately. Like the removal of MDF from a wood fraction or the removal of painted wood. For the wood working industry Walair also delivers dust extraction systems and dust controll systems.


Installation examples 

Optical sorters

In this photo and video album we show the combination of a Walair drum separators with optical sorters result a optimal separation and a higher capacity .

Animation CDI installation

In this animation video of a recently made installation, we show the working of the Walair drum separators in a CDI waste handling system.  Capacity 75 ton/h with a cubic weight of 250 kg/m3.

Walair Quick impression

Short introduction of several Walair separation systems of recently built installations all over the world.

RDF Daneco Nogoro Italy

For this RDF installation Walair has delivered a drum separator and an air separator to protect the secondary shredder.

CDI installation Beelen NL

For the company Beelen Rotterdam Walair delivered a 3-way and a single  drum separator and a central dust extraction.