Good Start 2018

The Walair production had a good start in 2018 and finisched  4 drum separators in our production for CDI waste for a good customer  from hamburg  Germany.

For this new customer in Germany Walair delivers one 3-way separator to clean a shredered cdi fraction in 3 waste streams and two two single drum separators to clean two sizes of stone fraction. The Walair separators handle  in totall between 50 and 60 t/h with a weight of aprox 250kg/m3

Discribtion 3-way separator
After shredding the CDI fraction the waste is going to screen. The first screen removes the 100 mm fraction. The aprox 100 till 400 mm is dumped on the speed-up conveyor of the 3-way separator.
In first separator the stones are removed from the input fraction with a separation result of more than 95 procent.
The stone fraction is transported to a sorting belt where one men is removing the aprox 5 procent of rest waste.
The rest of the cdi waste without stones is blown with a force of more than 30 mtr to a second to a second speed-up conveyor and drumseparator. Here the wood and rest material is separated from the light fraction. Paper foils material which consist of 2d flat matrial. The separated wood with reste waste is transported to a optical sorter.
De optical sorter removes the rest waste from the wood and the two fractions are removed to two sorting belt who are running beside each other.
After the sorting with 3 / 4 people the wood fraction is 100 procent cleaned.
The light fraction is blown to a second expansionroom and transported to a sorting cabin.
In the sorting cabine the light fraction can be sorted or used to make a RDF fraction.


Discribtion single drum separator.
After screening with a double deck screen there are placed
two Walair single drum separators
One for a CDI waste stream 10 till 40 mm and one waste stream 40 till 100 mm.
The Walair Single drumseparator removes the light fraction and the wood fraction from the input fraction and created a nice stone fraction.

For more separation systems for CDI installation please have a look to the Walair photo and video album on our Website

Good start 2018

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