RDF installation Italy 

Walair has delivered two new drum separators to a customer in Chieti Italy.
This customer had two drum separators with a capacity problem.
Instead, Walair delivered two new Walair 1400 mm drum separators Lite.
Each separator can handle 20 t/h RDF with a weight of 200 kg/m3.
Behind the two drum separators two Lindner secondary shredders are put.
The purpose of the drum separators is to remove the heavy fraction, which can damage the two Lindner secondary shredders.
The heavy fraction consists of metals, glass, stones, bigger heavy wood parts and heavy waste.
With the placement of the two Walair drum separators Lite the heavy fraction is removed and the knives of the Lindner secondary shredders will last a lot longer.

Interested in the Walair drum separators, please contact Walter Nihot of Walair.

by | May 22, 2018 | News