Production at full speed.

The Walair production is working hard to deliver all the projects on time. In the last two weeks two new projects have been transported to the customers.

One project for RDF Italy and  one project in Germany for CD waste.

For these two projects Walair produced 4 drum separators in total. One standard width 1400 mm and 1000 mm and two drum separators Lite width 1400 mm.

After these 2 projects, there is a lot more work to do for the production of Walair.

One RDF project in Turkey,

One glass separator for a comingled installation in the USA and a paper extraction installation for a bindery in Holland.

These projects will be delivered in June and July.

After the factory holidays Walair has to deliver 7 other projects.

One RDF separation system for 45t/h.

Three 3-way drum separators for CDI waste.

One glas separation unit.

Two 3-way drum separators for MSW waste.

So you can say we are very busy at the moment and we think we have a good chance to sell some more nice projects.

by | May 5, 2018 | News