Walair offers consultancy for complete projects or subprojects in the paper and the recycling industry.

Because of Walter Nihot’s 40 years of experience, the extensive experience of its team, the spacious engineering capabilities of Walair’s drawing division and its partners, it is possible to offer these facilities. The guidance or advice can be defined as desired by the customer.

Here are some possibilities as an example.

The advice in the building of an installation,

  • Producing design drawings in consultation with the client,
  • Preparing a request for proposal,
  • The engineering of an installation, where the installation can be drawn in Autocad 2002 (see example above),
  • An advisory into purchasing the share components, or of the whole installation,
  • Delivering a project leader, which leads and coördinates the work and if desired the construction meetings,
  • The definition of electric controls. Drawing circuit diagrams to control the installation,
  • Advice and guidance on subsidy schemes, which the Government offers for business,
  • Also judging/measuring an existing installation, if desired with an opinion for any improvement or alteration, are possible.
  • As already noted air technology and separation techniques by means of air are one of the specialities of Walair. Also in the field of existing air installations Walair will advise at request. This could include airspeed measurements, capacity measurements, vibration measurements, the measurement of existing electrical control cabinets, etc. etc.

In conclusion:

As you can see, many possibilities for advice and guidance are possible..
You might ask, why our company keeps working and why we not only concentrate on the delivery of new installations or partial deliveries of installations. The answer to this is simple. The Walair team finds the contact, guiding and advising clients, one of the most enjoyable and challenging things in this work.