Applications for Walair Air separation installations

The Walair air separation installations made by Walter Nihot can be implanted in existing and new installations in the recycling industry. These are used to separate a waste stream into two, three, or four part flows or for part flows where further cleaning is necessary.
Beyond our known air separators, Walair also delivers dust extractions installations and water spraying systems to improve the air quality in the production area of waste and recycling installations.

Our experienced technical/drawing division can assist you with professional advice for placement of our drum separators, air separators, material separators, etc. etc.

Waste handling examples

Industrial waste (C & I)
Construction and demolition waste (C & D)
Household waste (MSW)
Electrical and electronic equipment waste (WEEE/WEEE)
Biomass/waste wood
Fuel fractions from waste streams (RDF)
PET bottle recycling
White goods recycling
Waste incineration slag
Single Stream (eg. DSD in Germany and PMD in Belgium)
Comingled (United States)
Car shredder installations
Plastic recycling
Glass recycling

Also for separation issues not in the list above, Walair can be of help, as
e.g. separating of hospital waste, removing egg shells at chicks, etc. etc.
So if you have a different waste separation problem, feel free to contact us.

But in addition to the well-known Walair separators, Walair delivers many other air technical installations, such as:

  • Waste transport through exhaust pipes, which at long distance transport the waste and exhaust pressureless to the desired location. To do this, Walair provides a wide variety of fans, rotary separators, dust filters, etc.
  • Extraction of waste above the sort band (s) in the sorting cabin (s).
  • Central dust extraction. For dust producing points in a waste processing installations, Walair produces central dust extraction installations, eg. To limit the dust pollution at sieves, band transitions and bunkers.
  • Dust control by spraying installations.
  • Ventilation, heating, cooling of sorting cabins.

Installation examples 

Picture Walair optical sorters
Optical sorters

Optical sorters

In this photo and video album we show the combination of a Walair drum separators with optical sorters result a optimal separation and a higher capacity .

Walair MSW 4-way separator
MSW 4-way separator USA

MSW 4-way separator USA

Walair delivers separation systems for MSW waste. With the Walair 4-way separator a waste stream is separated in 4 waste streams, namely heavy, middle heavy (2x) and light fraction. For example stone,wood (2x), paper and plastic.

Walair MSW RDF Ontario
MSW/RDF recycling installation

MSW/RDF recycling installation

The MSW/RDF recycling installation made by Walair in Ontario USA produces RDF from of MSW waste. The Walair drum separators are separating 3d material and light material (paper and plastic). They produced pellets of the RDF waste fraction.