The Walair Fans program


The Walair fans are the most used in the recycling industry, where our airseparators play an important role. But also in the paper and board industry they are used frequently used for material transport and reduction (choppingfans).But also fans for the extraction of air and dust belong to our product range.


The Walair fan program consists of low, medium and high pressure fans. The fans are supplied with direct drive which the engine-shaft attached directly to the range or performed with a V-belt drive. Walair is specialized in material handling and fan separators for the recycling industry.
The fans are built in own production in which the implementation is adjusted to the desired application.
Per application we search for the best appropiate fan shape.i The Walair ranges are both static and dynamically balanced.
Walair makes fans up to 80.000 m3/hour with a max. engine power of 125 HP.

1. Electric motor 2. Range 3. Bearings 4. Enclosure V-belt drive 5. Inspection door 6. Suction opening 7. Press exhaust

Walair fans are known for their heavy construction.

The fan enclosures are cut with a laser cutting machine, the thickness of the fan encclusure is adapted to the application for which the fan is used.

We make distinction in a direct and indirect drive. The direct drive motor is directly linked to the range. In indirect drive the range directly is mounted to an axle that is aged by two separate bearings. To this axle a string drive or pouly is mounted. The desired electric motor is mounted by a motorrail on the fan frame. At the axle a second string drive is mounted. The two string drives are linked by means of V-belts. By adjusting the size of the string drives, the fan speed can be modified.

Also the applied fans are manufactured in own production. Walair produces all types 6 or 8 blades, straight or curved blades, choppingfans, air or material fans, etc. etc.
In short, the fans are adapted for the suction material. In recent years the Walair HR fans have been added, these are used in the Walair HR dust filters and give an energy reduction of 20%.
If you want more information about the Walair fans program, we are happy to provide additional info.