New adjustment for the MSW Drum Separator

Especially for the separation of MSW waste, Walair adjusted his well known 3-way drum separator. Because the fraction size of the MSW waste is changing, the MSW waste is separated in the original size more regularly and the plastic drink bottles and cartons get bigger. For this reason Walair adjusted his well known 3-way drum separator. As an option in our delivery program, it is now possible to deliver an adjusted second drum separator.

The new second Drum Separator

Walair developed the new second drum separator to have a better separation of the 3d and the flat 2d light fraction. After some modifications we can say that the separation of the 3d and 2d works very well. But during testing and in operation at our customers, we found out that it also separates the bigger plastic bottles, cartons and plus sizes plastic bags a lot better. But another important point which we noticed, was that the total capacity increased importantly. With this new second drum separator, our 1600 mm 3-way separator can handle approx. 35t/h (weight approx. 200kg/m3). This is the reason that Walair has this new second drum separator for MSW waste as an option in its delivery program for the 3-way drum separator.

We made the following adjustments at the second drum separator;
– Bigger second rotating drum.
– Higher blowing mouth.
– Bigger discharge channels.
– Bigger and wider separation room.
– Changed in- and outlet.

For smaller MSW waste andĀ  less capacities, we of course still deliver the existing second separator.

If you are interested in the Walair MSW new 3-way drum separator or when you have questions, please mail or call Walter Nihot.

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Gepubliceerd door Walter Nihot d.d. 08/04/2019.