Walair Drum air Separator

At places where it is not possible to place a Walair 3-way drum separator due to lack of space, Walair will install a drum air separator. The air drum separator divides a waste stream into three substreams, heavy, middle and light. A drum air separator is currently being installed in central England in collaboration with Kiverco Ireland.  This customer in the middle of England has now placed the third Walair separation installation.

Operating principle of the installation

The input material is fed into a 2-axis Rentec shredder. This reduces the material to a size of approximately 300 mm (not too small). After the shredder, the waste is transported to a drum sieve. The drum screen removes the fraction 0/40 mm. The 40/300 mm is discharged to a long parts  separator to a Walair drum separator, width 1200 mm. This removes the heavy fraction which consists of stones and the metals. The FE metals are removed from this fraction by a magnet and the remaining heavy fraction is discharged to a storage bunker.

The middle fraction consisting of wood and rest fraction is directly removed at the bottom of the air separator to a sorting belt (first). Storage bunkers are under the sorting belts in the sorting cabin, in which the sorters dispose the waste manually.

This installation is the basis for a simple sorting installation for CD/CDi waste. By using the shredder, the waste is dosed and reduced in size (not too small) and the Walair air separation ensures that the waste is separated into 3 partial streams.


The installation has a capacity of approx. 40 tons/h with a bulk density of 350/400kg per m3.

Work in progress

For more details and photos and video of the Walair Air Separator we refer to the Walair website.

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Published by Walter Nihot d.d. 11/03/2019.