De Blackbox

The first Walair real mobile air separator is ready. In our drawingroom we call this project the Blackbox. We tried to finish this project in the last 2 years, but because of the amount of work, we couldn’t finish our Blackbox production drawings. But finally after 2 years we introduce our Blackbox.

The unit is built with already proven Walair components. The Walair Mobile air separator is directly ready to use and can be easily transported. The installation and the start-up are very easy and can be done without our supervision. The unit is suitable for many input fractions, from 10 till 150 mm., because everything is adjustable. The unit can be used for building- and demolition waste, compost, broken glass, debris, garbage, etc. etc.

Feartures of the mobiele air separator unit

Width of the input conveyor 800 or 1000 mm. The unit is ready to use after connecting the switchbox to the power supply. The unit is equipped with an internal dust filter and can work 100% dust free. The unit has 4 adjustable legs which can put the unit 1500 mm of the floor. Transport dimensions, long approx. 8000 mm., width 2450 mm., height 2800 mm.

Operation principe of the Walair air separator

The mobile unit is used to separate a waste fraction in two partial flows, in a heavy and light fraction, for example stone and metals, which are separated from wood, paper, foils and plastic. The material which must be separated, is transported by a conveyor (not included in our delivery), the material must be equally distributed and spread on the speed-up conveyor of the mobile unit. This speed-up conveyor can be adjusted in speed and can be delivered in two sizes, 800 and 1000 mm width. The speed-up conveyor is adjustable in a horizontal and vertical position. Below the conveyor a blow mouth is installed. The blow mouth is also adjustable in a horizontal and vertical position and in an angle. To adjust the air flow, the blow mouth is executed with 2 air regulation valves. Behind the speed-up conveyor a separation chamber with a heavy steel rotating drum with a diameter of 650 mm is mounted. 

In the separation chamber, using the blowing capacity of the blow mouth and the suction capacity above the separating drum, the heavy and the lighter fraction will be separated. Both the inlet, as the distance to the drum till the discharge chute to the expansion room, can be adjusted in height and distance. Also the horizontal distance between the speed-up conveyor till the front of the rotating drum can be adjusted.

Along the front of the drum, the heavy fraction is, by means of a chute, discharged to a discharge conveyor. The lighter fraction is blown over the separation drum and transported by air to a special Walair separator. In the Walair separator the air is separated from the light fraction. The light fraction is dropped pressureless on a conveyor, which transports the fraction to the outlet of the mobile air separator. The material separator is placed in a galvanized airtight encloser, which is easily accessible with an entrancedoor for periodic maintenance. 

To create a suction flow above the separation drum, the airtight chamber is connected by means of 2 suction ducts, to two circulation fans. The two fans extract the air out of the airtight encloser of the material separator. It is possible to regulate the air capacity of both the fans, as desired, by means of 2 air regulation valves within the suction duct of the fans.

To prevent dust problems and overpressure at the inlet of the air separator, a small direct driven fan is mounted in the airtight encloser. This fan is connected to a dust filter with the suction side and blows the extracted air out of the airtight chamber. This dust filter is directly mounted against the airtight encloser. The air inlet of the dust filter takes the air and the dust out of the airtight room and creates an underpressure at the inlet of the air separator and a suction over the rotating drum. The dust filter is made with an automatic cleaning device, which cleans the filter bags every 4/5 hours automatically. The dust out of the dust filter falls down in two round dust containers.   

The complete unit is built on a HEA frame which has 4 strong built legs which places the unit 1500 mm of the floor. If wanted the height of the legs can be adjusted. The unit is equipped with a complete switchbox which provides the necessary electric connections of the Walair separation unit. The switchbox has a start and stop program and is equipped with a main switch, a power connection and all the necessary indication lamps. The switchbox is wired to all the electric connections of the unit. In this closed circuit the fractions are transported without touching the ducts or the fan. The chance to block or wear the system is reduced to a minimum.

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Published by Walter Nihot d.d. 18/02/2019.