New MSW installations

The separation of household waste (MSW) with the use of Walair air separation systems gets better known and is used worldwide regularly. With the use of Walair 3-way drum separators the necessary installation behind the air separation system is simplefied and can handle more capacity. But one more interesting advantage with the use of Walair air separation systems is that the total investment of complete installations will be reduced importantly. After the succesfully built 3-way drum separator in Mexico City, the Walair production is producing four 3-way drum separators and two single drum separators for delivery in the coming months. In this item we discuss the air separation system for a customer in the USA.

Operating principle of the 3-way Drum Separators

After screening, the Walair 3-way Drum Separators  are separating the MSW input fraction in 3 separate fractions. One heavy fraction, one 3d fraction and a 2d flat part fraction. The heavy fraction which is released by the first drum separator consists of material with a m3/ weight of more than 500kg/m3. The rest of the fraction is blown over the first drum into the second separation room and transported and blown to the second drum separator. In the second drum separator the 3d fraction is separated from the 2d flat fraction. In the 3d fraction there is still a small amount of 2d flat fraction paper and plastic (>10%). This small amount of paper and plastic is removed by an optical sorter in a later stage. The flat 2d fraction which consists of paper and plastic parts is blown over the second rotating drum and dropped at a 2300 mm width conveyor. At this conveyor the flat paper and plastic is well divided and dosed. This conveyor is placed under the second expansion room. Directly behind this conveyor an optical sorter is placed, which is taken care of the separation of paper and plastic.


These 3-way drum separators handle a total capacity of approx. 30t/h. The cubic weight of the input material is approx. 200kg.


Werkingsprincipe van de luchtscheiding doormiddel van Walair ventilator scheiders

The air separation is taken care by two Walair fan separators. Each suction side of the fan is connected with ducting to the expansion rooms and extracted 100% from the air out of the expansion rooms. Approx. 80% of the air is blown into the blowing mouth of the separation room of the drum separators. The rest of the approx. 20 percent is transported by ducting to automatic cleaned dust filters. By the use of frequency regulators and air regulation valves, it is possible to adjust the best possible amount of air for each installation.

For more details and photos and video of the Walair 3-way Walair Drump Separator we refer to the Walair website.

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Published by Walter Nihot d.d. 18/02/2019.