News update 

The Walair production is very busy at the moment we are building 21 air separation installations in the coming 6 month .
The last month we finished a new RDF installation in Italy and Turkey in in the coming month we have to produced 2 new RDF separation systems
We got the order to build one of the biggest MSW installation in the USA with a capacity 60 t/h. In this installation two 3-way drum separators are used to separated the heavy fraction, the 3d fraction and the 2d fraction. Result a higher capacity and less needed optical sorters.
Last year we build with the biggest RDF installation in the USA with a capacity of 50 t/h. This installation is running very well and we have sold two new installations in the USA with a capacity of more than 40t/h.
The production of easy separator is running very well this year already 4 units were sold. Our semi mobile separation installations and be build and started -up without assistants from Walair

by | Dec 11, 2018 | News