New CD/CDI installation

Recently Walair recycling systems built a new installation in mid England. This installation is running building and demolition waste and industrial waste. The installation is made for a capacity of 40 t/h  with a m3 weight of approx.. 400 kg/m3. On request of the customer this installation is very compact and built with a low budget.

Operating principle

After an input bunker the installation is screened with a drumscreen. The fraction 0/40 mm is removed. The fraction 40/500 mm is transported to a speed-up conveyor or a Walair drum separator Lite with a width of 1400 mm. With the speed-up conveyor the waste is pulled apart and distributed better, before the waste enters the separation room of the drum separator. The drum separator separate the input waste in two separate waste streams, one heavy and one light waste stream. The heavy fraction consists of metals, stone and wood. The light fraction consists of flat parts of paper, plastics and foils. If preferred, we can take out the wood fraction from the heavy fraction and drop it in the light fraction. We can make this possible by increasing the air capacity of the Walair fan separator. The heavy fraction waste is cleaned by a magnet and transported to a sorting cabin. After the sorting cabin the cleaned waste is dropped in a storage bunker. The light fraction is transported with the conveyor under the expansion room of the drum separator to another storage bunker. The Walair separator is equipped with a heavy duty speed-up and expansion band. The Walair dust filter handles 20 till 30 percent of the total air capacity and is equipped with a rotary valve, which transports the extracted dust to a 1100 liter container.

The installation has been built in a way that at a later stage an air separator can be placed behind the drum separator or that the drum separator can be adjusted to a 3-way separator. With these two option the wood fraction can be separated with air separation.

This compact recycling installation is made in coöperation with Kiverco Ireland.


When you are interested in this compact Walair separation installation, call or mail Walter Nihot.

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