New RDF Brasil 

Recently Walair delivered a separation installation to a customer in Sao Paulo Brasil. This customer collects i.a. garage waste. To separate en to reduce this waste Walair built a Drum Separator Lite and a secondary shredder to manage this process.

Walair Drum Separator Lite en secondary shredder

After a grove pre shredding of the waste, the input material is transported to a Walair Drum Separator Lite. The drum separator removes all heavy parts in order to avoid any problems during the reduce of the waste. Light parts, consisting of paper, foils, carton and light wood parts are transported by a conveyor to a secondary shredder. This secondary shredder reduces the RDF waste to about 30 mm. The system is equipped with replaceable knives and a screen. Because of the knives of the secondary shredder it is absolutely necessary that alle heavy parts, (for example metal parts, stones and glass) are removed from the RDF waste. When the heavy parts are not removed, damage will appear and the knives will be blunt quickly. Therefore the placement and the proper functioning of the Walair drum separator is of great importance to avoid damage of the secondary shredder.

The drum separator has a width of 1000 mm. and processes max. 12.000 kg/hour at a bulk density of 250 kg/m3.

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For more details and photos and video of the Walair Drump Separator Lite we refer to the Walair website.

Published by Walter Nihot d.d. 14/01/2019