Looking for resellers/sales agents

A few years ago we put a message on our website and public media. Because of this message Walair has found sales agents in Ireland, England, Romania, Turkey and Italy. This good result is the reason that we want to try and find new sale agents for the following countries. Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, Zuid America and Australia.

Where are we looking for?

Remarks for France; we are looking for a second sales agent. In the past Walair in Holland successfully sold installations for the German market. But with the late sales expansion and a deficiency of salesmen, we now are looking for a good sales agent for Germany. In Russia our sales agent tragically died and we are looking for a good replacement. We are willing to discuss the possibility of being sales agent for more than one country.

What can Walair offer you?

A large delivery program for air separation systems for the recycling industry. All the Walair Air systems are designed with 4 draftsmen, together with Walter Nihot and made under supervision of Walair in two production facilities in the North of Holland. Help and advice of the sales team with the design of recycling installations. Part of this sales team is Walter Nihot, owner of Walair and with 42 years of experience in the recycling industry. Walter has built more than 400 separation installations worldwide. With his experience he has the nerve to say that he thinks he has a solution for every air separation problem in the recycling industry. If necessary Walair can ask business or sales agents for help, which Walair and Walter Nihot worked together with after so many years in the recycling industry. Walair also offers the possibility to build parts from installations in the country of the sales agent. Assistance at making a website where Walair products are described. Assistance of 4 draftsmen and 2 salesmen for the making of installation layouts and proposals.

Not a lot of people know that Walair also has a large program of extraction systems for the paper industry. For more information about Walair, take a look at the Walair website.

Are you interested in becoming a reseller/agent of Walair after this call ? For questions or information, please call or email Walter

Nihot.Mobile phone: 0031-(0)653368333 Mail: walter.nihot@walair.eu

Gepubliceerd door Walter Nihot d.d. 18/02/2019.