Not many people know, that Walair produces its conveyors in own management. The conveyors need to be suitable for the Walair separators, they are not in the trade in the desired implementation.
Recently many changes have been made.

The new Walair conveyors 

The latest implementation of the Walair conveyors is modular built, are completely closed, they meet the latest safety requirements and are still, if necessary, easy to clean. The conveyors are manufactured in a width of 600 to 2500 mm. For cleaning the conveyors Walair produced its own pu scraper, which is beared and with an adjustable spring pressure the conveyor is on both sides kept clean. Furthermore, the conveyors are performed with a special side seal and a plow scraper.

Walair integrated the heavy rubber side seal into the heavy steel side panels. This execution is necessary to be able to long withstand the air sand dust stream in the Walair expansion rooms. The air flow namely, creates a sand/grit blasting effect on the side walls and the rubber tires of the Walair conveyors. At 5 of the 10 installations the sand/grit blasting is caused by a bad screening process, overfeeding the recycling installations and the sticking of sand and dust to the fractions processed by the Walair separators. Walair conveyors are running in a slight trough shape with a built-in dust discharge system.

The speed-up conveyors of the Walair separators are equipped with impact plates with a reinforced base. Because of these latest updates the Walair conveyors meet the highest requirements and they easily can separate and dispose your separated waste.

The production of the Walair conveyors takes place at the frim Visser in Bolsward.

For more details and photos and video of the Walair conveyors we refer to the Walair website.

Published by Walter Nihot d.d. 07/01/2019