The Walair Production

At this page we see the Walair production. The by Walair designed separation installations are produced in Dokkum Friesland for over 12 years..

Already for a period of 12 years a part of the air technics and separation equipment is produced in the North of Holland in the province Friesland in the city of Dokkum.
At this production facility Walair B.V. produces all the equipment which uses air technics.
The production consists of the special Walair separation fans, air separators, until the well known drum separators and all the ducting.

Two draughtsmen work for Walair in the drawing room, to make the layout and all the production drawings.
All the products are drawn in Autocad 2 and 3 d. After a project is drawn, the production process is started by sending the cutting files to a modern laser cutting device.

When everything is well sprayed, all the different components are built together. For each project the necessary ducting is custom made and consists out of pipes, bends, claims, steelwork.